The voice of founders

Life as a founder is full of ups and downs

Founder life can be difficult. The challenge of navigating life as an immigrant, woman, gender-nonconforming, Black or Latinx person in this globally connected ecosystem can be overwhelming at times.

Founder life can also be fulfilling, life-giving, and full of awe when you walk into it eyes wide open, knowing the obstacles you face and having a plan and a community to help you overcome them all.

Why We Exist

T.H.E Founder Project was created to design and manage programs that support the development of early-stage tech startups. During our travels, a desire to work with international organizations required that we become students of the global startup ecosystem.

We are currently traveling around the world to capture the stories and experiences of diverse founders to inform our work in program design. Our initiative, The City Series, provides you a taste of our learning experience. Travel with us as we explore startup life in Africa, Europe, and North & South America in 2020. 

Who We Are

T.H.E. Founder Project is designed to humanize the journey of tech entrepreneurship as scalable companies are built around the globe.

As fellow founders, our team embodies the brand. We are founder first in everything we do.

We are stronger together

We foster community for high-potential, often misunderstood founders in tech. We host curated events in cities all over the world and partner with organizations to amplify the voices, desires, and journey of founders within this community. 

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