Meet T.H.E. Team

T.H.E. Founder

Tarryn Henry

Originally from Antigua, Tarryn Henry has dubbed Durham, NC as her US-based home since 2014. Tarryn started her career in tech supporting startup tech entrepreneurs through her work with American Underground. During her time at AU, she served as the Google / Code2040 Diversity Coordinator for the Triangle region. Her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry led her to pursue the expansion of ImBlackInTech to NC and T.H.E. Founder Project to the world.  

T.H.E. Marketer

Tivi Jones

Tivi Jones has been a marketing communications professional since 2004, working with a wide array of brands including PBS, Boeing, Cisco, Biogen Idec and more. She’s managed marketing strategies, communications and media relations for events, expos, conferences, and gubernatorial debates. Tivi is the founder of Hey Awesome Girl, a marketing platform dedicated to supporting the growth of creative and techie women entrepreneurs of color. She now leverages her expertise in modern and measurable marketing practices to support T.H.E. Founder Project.

T.H.E. Event Planner

Joye Speight

Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Joye has created one of the most highly sought after minority woman-owned event management companies in North Carolina, Virtue Events, Inc. Virtue has been responsible for creating, designing, and planning cultural and nationally recognized events such as The Art of Cool Festival, Moogfest, The Grammy’s and has been featured on Bravo TV. Joye and her team believe in economic development, diversity and inclusion for people of color and they represent a wide array of clients all over the United States to design events that support these efforts. 

T.H.E. Creative

Ken Branson

Ken Branson, a Published Photographer, Independent Filmmaker, and founder of MasterMIND Productions has earned over a half-million dollars from Visual Storytelling after starting a business from the basement of his church. Some of his clients include Google, AARP, Cisco and a host of National & International Organizations, Churches, Colleges & Universities. Through therapy and the journey of self-discovery, Ken learned that the negative drama he attracted in life could be re-directed into a healthier and profitable form of drama…STORYTELLING! This basement level strength is continually being refined everyday as Ken makes a full-time living helping Businesses and Non-Profits get their messages out through effective storytelling. As a result, Ken is a strong advocate for therapy and believes we all have basement-level strengths that can be taken to the balcony when identified and properly nurtured.